Your First Muay Thai Class


There are some big differences between the local fitness club and a typical Muay Thai class.

Besides the obvious differences, there is an entirely different feel, comradery, and intensity in our gym. 

And whether you are BRAND NEW to muay thai, in your 40's, who just wants to lose weight or if you are a competitive fighter looking to increase your striking game. You are welcome to come train with us!

Often I hear guys say, I need to get in shape before I start... Screw that thinking! I've been in Thailand and have seen guys who were overweight come there with 0 experience and didn't train before, come and train 4 hours a day for a month to kickstart their new healthy life.

Class Structure

A typical beginners’ will include:

  • You’ll warm up – Jump rope or a run around the gym.

  • You’ll drill – The bulk of a beginners’ class is likely to be focused on practicing techniques and combinations on Thai pads and/or the heavy bag. 

  • You’ll work on conditioning – Mainly bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, crunches, squats, etc. Expect a heavy focus on core conditioning.

  • Finally, you’ll cool down and stretch.

But beyond these basic nuts and bolts of the class, what else can you expect? Well, any and all of the following:

When you look around at more senior students smashing pads, they will have power, grace, and fluidity that will fill you with awe.

You won’t look like that — and you’ll know it.

The way you’re being asked to move may feel awkward and stilted. The sound of your impact on the pads is more likely to be a dull thump than the beautiful whip-crack of an expertly placed kick.

But here’s the thing: nobody was born with a beautiful, powerful technique. By turning up today, you’re closer to attaining it than you have ever been. Turn up again tomorrow and you’re getting closer still.